For North American buyers only, if your equipment has arrived in different conditions than described or you feel the equipment has been misrepresented, you should immediately inform the seller and register the dispute with Equipped: 

  • Complete an dispute registration form within 48 hours of receiving the product. This allows Equipped to hold the purchase payment until the dispute has been settled. 
  • Once the seller has received the claim, you will mediate an agreement directly with the seller regarding the equipment.  
    1. Equipped will not be involved in any way in mediation or deciding terms for dispute agreements. The agreement is solely between the buyer and seller.
  • Once a mutual agreement has been reached, upload a notarized agreement between you and the seller to us. 

Once we receive a notarized agreement, we will release the payment in the amount that has been outlined in the agreement. 

Any dispute that cannot be settled with an agreement between the buyer and seller within 30 days from the original purchase will be resolved by arbitration as stated in our terms of use.