To get your Wishlist started:

  • Head to the listing page of the product you would like to add to your Wishlist. 
  • Click “Add to Wishlist” directly under “Add to cart”
  • You will be redirected to your new Wishlist that has automatically been created, and your item will be added

You can manage and update your new Wishlist after adding items or by accessing it through the “My account” tab at the top right of the page. 

Manage or Update your Wishlist by:

  • Renaming your Wishlist
  • Describing your Wishlist
  • Adding or Updating Privacy settings 
  • Make it “Public” – For everyone 
  • Make it “Shared” – For only people with Wishlist link 
  • Make it “Private” – For your eyes only
  • Adding your name and email so your Wishlist can be searchable if it is Public.
  • Deleting items in your Wishlist
  • Making your wish come true by adding items to your cart 

If you would like to Delete your Wishlist, you can click “Delete Wishlist” on your Wishlist page just under “Wishlist” at the top. You can recreate a Wishlist anytime using the same steps above.