As a buyer, you're responsible for finding, arranging and paying to ship your new purchase.  Equipped does not arrange shipping for you.

Before You've Purchased

You are free to use whichever shipping arrangements you would like, but we've made life easy for you by providing a link to a shipping broker on every product listing as a courtesy.  Hit the 'shipping' button under the product images to access it.

If you'd prefer to arrange your own shipping, we've asked the seller to provide information such as weight and dimensions and have included them in the 'product details' tab on each listing to make life easier for you.

After You've Purchased

Buyers, for Shipping:

  • You need to arrange shipment and share shipping details with the seller within 10 business days of purchase.  You should share these details with Equipped so that we can track delivery and pay the seller only when your purchase is delivered.
  • Shipment fees are not included in purchase price.
  • If you haven't made shipping arrangements within 10 business days of purchase, Equipped will cancel the purchase and refund your payment minus a 10% processing fee.

Sellers, for Shipping:

  • You will need to co-operate with the buyer in preparing and releasing the equipment for shipping.
  • We strongly encourage you to package the equipment in appropriate secure packaging to avoid damage in transit.  The buyer's shipper may have helpful guidelines for you.  You should take a photo of the packaged item before you release it to the shipper for your records.  The buyer may have recourse if you do not package the equipment adequately.
  • When the equipment is collected by the shipper, be sure to get a copy of the bill of lading or tracking information and to submit it to Equipped and the buyer.  This way, we will know when the shipment is delivered to trigger payment to you.
  • If you do not respond to the buyer with regard to shipping within 10 business days, the buyer will receive a refund, the contract will be cancelled and Equipped will decide at that point if it will relist the equipment.