Once all of your product questions have been answered and you are interested in purchasing but would like to make an offer:

  • Click the  button on the product page, to access and complete the “Make an Offer” information form. 
  • Complete the form by entering your name, address, any comments, and your offer price. 
  • Once the offer information has been completed and sent to the seller, the seller will have 5 calendar days to either accept the offer, counteroffer, or reject the offer. 
  1. If a counteroffer is proposed by the seller, you will have 5 calendar days to accept or reject. 
  • If you would like to reject the counteroffer proposed by the seller, there will be no purchase initiated
  1. If the offer is accepted by the buyer, you will then enter a legal contract to purchase, and will have 5 days to complete the transaction.  We will send you an invoice to facilitate this.
  2. If the offer is rejected by the seller, there will be no purchase.

Keep in mind:

  • During this process, the listing will remain live on our site and another buyer may choose to purchase at the listing price or make their own offer. Purchase is first come, first served, and the seller can accept as many offers as they wish so you will want to complete the purchase as quickly as you can. 
  • Once you submit the offer, you cannot cancel or retract it.

For more information on our payment process, check out our article “What are my Payment Options?”